Setting up the shop took some time. It might seem like a simple process, but it’s not that obvious. New ideas and concepts appear all the time, we keep trying to reach the desired ideal. By creating this shop, I want it to be simple and available to everyone, so that it is a joy to move around. No one said that the shop is only for buying – I will be glad when you enjoy looking at it. There will be several categories in the shop where you will find products, as well as a regular blog where you will learn about interesting facts from my life and the creation of some products. If you want to participate, please feel free to comment and ask questions and maybe you have some ideas on how to improve this place, I would love to hear it. The online shop – is created by Art Black Studio . In the meantime, when work is almost over, I encourage everyone to visit the cafe and order your favourite coffee or drink tea at home in front of the fireplace because we are about to open the shop .