crochet baskets

I don’t know if this is also true for you, but I have noticed that I feel most comfortable at home. Home home is a place where I live, laugh and feel comfort. Home is where I sleep in peace and let dreams flow through my head and I look for ways to make it cosy. And as I have an artistic soul, so does my home. Artistic style – is it something to be afraid of? Nothing could be further from the truth. After all, it’s not about meaningless disorder, but rather about fantasy and individuality, and above all about cosy atmosphere. Colourful, free boho style mixed with Parisian bohemian nonchalance, where we can choose accessories that reflect our passions and interests and decorate the house completely our own way.

Everyone loves beautiful and unique things, we want to be surrounded by them and make our interior unique and original. Therefore, it is worth choosing handmade accessories because there is something more in them than material and skills, you will find in them passion, heart and joy of creation.

Enjoy the small things – the Danish philosophy for happiness

The hygge philosophy is a story about finding time in life for both work and relaxation, beauty, but also functionality, modernity and tradition. This also includes our home , which should not be cold and minimalist, but cosy and decorated with natural accessories. Baskets made from recycled cotton cord are a perfect match for this trend, as it is a wonderful natural raw material for making unusually beautiful and unique baskets. How to use them? There are no limits here, now let your imagination play and share your ideas with us.